Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

In an interview for ATV, the vice president of Borc, Bogoljub Zeljković, spoke, among other things, about the administration’s support for Nenad Lalatović and the players of the Banja Luka club.

After the draw against Sloga in the first round of the new season of the Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lalatović offered to resign as coach of Borca, which was not accepted in the end.

According to Zeljković, the coach, coaching staff and players have the support of the administration, and now they must prove themselves on the green field.

“All players must give their full contribution on the field. It is inadmissible that we play without a sliding start, it is inadmissible that they do not show their will in the second half of the game in Modric. Perhaps it is the result of a hard journey and a heavy defeat in the Faroe Islands. The players are aware of everything and have taken the blame. Move on. Nenad Lalatović, coaching staff and players remain at FK Borac. They have our full support and now they have to prove themselves on the green field,” said Zeljković.

Zeljković then added that it is obvious that everyone is bothered by the strong FK Borac.

“It is obvious that the strong FK Borac bothers everyone. It bothers them that the club solved millions of debts, it bothers them that Nenad Lalatović, one of the best Serbian coaches, came, it bothers them that we have one of the best teams in Bosnia and Herzegovina. What I want to say is that everything that is happening will give us even more energy to work and strengthen the club,” said Zeljković.

As a reminder, Borac will host Sarajevo on Sunday at the “Mlakve” stadium in Novi Grad, and the start of this match is scheduled for 5:00 p.m.

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