Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

Kylian Mbappe decided to continue his career in the French champion PSG, even though he had a verbal agreement to move to Real Madrid.

After a months-long saga, Mbappe announced that he is staying at PSG and with the new contract he became the highest paid footballer in the world. Allegedly, an unreal 100 million euros goes into his account every year.

The leaders of the Spanish La Liga have decided to ask the French court to terminate Mbappe’s contract with PSG. According to RMC, today they submitted a request to terminate this contract due to numerous financial irregularities.

They also asked to check the club’s accounts because they believe that not everything is legal.

However, the request of the leaders of La Liga was in vain. They received a negative response and the court refused to act in this case.

“We expected this. This was a technical appeal, but what is important is the judgment on the merits. Our steps in France are only the beginning and we expected them to be difficult. This is only the first step before we take everything to the European courts.” , said La Liga lawyer Juan Branco.

In the previous period, La Liga accused PSG of falsifying the numbers on their accounts and that they actually receive much more money from the state of Qatar than is allowed by financial fair play.

This is why a process has been launched by La Liga, which wants to stop PSG from destroying European football.

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