Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

FC Radnik from Bijeljina is in an extremely difficult situation after being relegated from the Premier League of BiH, and it is questionable what future awaits the former winner of the BiH Cup and representative of BiH in European competitions twice.

Almost all the players from last season left Radnik, and the arrival of new ones is not going according to plan, because there is no money. Radnik was supposed to play a friendly match with BFK ​​Simm Bau, but the match was postponed due to Radnik not having enough players available.

The more experienced players who arrived at the club this summer have already announced that they will leave if the situation does not change soon, and that would be an extremely hard blow for Radnik. As we learn, several meetings will be held by the end of the working week, after which it will be known how the Worker will proceed.

In any case, the situation is extremely difficult and the survival of the Workers is seriously threatened.

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