Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

In the match of the first round of the new season of the Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the players of Posušje played a draw against Velež on their home field.

The final score of the match was 1:1. One half of this match belonged to both teams, so Posusje was better in the first part of the match, and Rođeni in the second.

It was played in the 18th minute when Pavlović sent a phenomenal ball from the defense, and Jović escaped the defense of Velež and checked Bogdanović for his team’s advantage of 1:0.

In the second half, Velež equalized. In the 63rd minute, Amar Osim introduced Đorđe Pantelić, who five minutes later hit the opponent’s net for the final 1:1.

In an interview for the official website of the club from Mokrog doc, Ferdo Milin said that he was satisfied with the result against Rodni, because his team did not lose at the start of the championship against a team that plays in Europe.

“We played two different halves, but I am satisfied with the aggression and the run of my players, the weather was difficult to play. In the next period, I will ask the players to improve some technical and tactical details and to transfer the twenty minutes at the start of the match to at least sixty minutes. The atmosphere at the stadium was excellent, more than three thousand fans stood by my boys and I would like to thank all the fans who came in such difficult and hot weather,” said Milin.

Given that Tuzla City postponed the match against Posušje, which was supposed to be played on Sunday at Tušnje, Milin reflected on the match with Borce, which is scheduled for the third round of the Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Preparations for Borac started on Monday, Borac is in a turbulent period, but sometimes that is not good for the opponents. We will not take care of someone, let’s look at ourselves and fix those things that were not good. My team is hardworking and they live this club, I am really satisfied with my boys”, said Milin.

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