Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

The six national basketball teams of Bosnia and Herzegovina should participate in major competitions in the next two months. Two cadet and junior European championships each in the next 20 days, followed by the participation of the men’s senior national team at the Eurobasket in September, as well as the historic performance of the women’s senior team at the World Cup in Australia.

On this occasion, the Basketball Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina issued a dramatic announcement in which it was pointed out that the future performances of the basketball selections at major competitions could be called into question.

“Basketball Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina secured part of the funds for the preparations of our national teams, with the help of sponsors and a part of institutions, to whom we are very grateful for that. However, considering the huge costs required for appearances at the EP and WC, we simply cannot close the financial structure

We knocked on many doors, asked for support, but mostly encountered negative answers, often being ignored. This particularly applies to state, entity and local authorities.

As if it is not about the national teams of our country, because how else to explain the fact that there is, for example, more money from the state or federal budget for individual clubs and associations than for national selections? Especially for basketball, which have made our people happy so many times and intend to do so in the coming months – if they are able to go to continental and world competitions.

The situation, to be completely open and direct, is precisely such that the upcoming appearances at the EP and WC of our national teams are under a big question mark. There is currently no way out, so the moment is not far when we will be forced to cancel participation in the mentioned competitions.

Everything has already been tried, no additional options are left on the table. Therefore, we appeal to potential sponsors, especially state, entity and municipal institutions, to help us. These are our national teams. Our boys, our girls. They proudly want to represent Bosnia and Herzegovina, to see the flag of the homeland where it belongs, among the banners of European and world basketball superpowers.

We don’t need congratulations when it’s all over, because maybe this time you won’t even have anything to congratulate us on. We need concrete actions and clear support. Don’t turn your head,” said the KSBiH announcement.

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